Dine Together
"Show me where you are, we will help you!" - Hardcore players
Owning a piece of Land will allow other players to visit and help develop your restaurant. Each player could own multiple pieces of Land but only one piece of Land could be in active at a time, representing your restaurant's location on the world map.

Getting NFT Land

You can own Land in 02 ways:
  • Trade with other players on Marketplace, using DINE Tokens.
  • Buy directly from New Offering and receive a random piece of Land, using FUSD.
Each piece of Land will belong to one of the following 05 civilizations in the world of Dineria:
  • Asgard;
  • Olympus;
  • Shangri-La;
  • El Dorado; or
  • Camelot.

Benefits of owning Land

  • Furniture from the same civilization as your Land will help increase the beauty of the restaurant, helping you to earn more TIP tokens when serving dishes to diners.
  • Other players will be able to visit as well as help you develop your restaurant. This part of the gameplay will be updated in the future.
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