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Furniture decoration
"I like to enjoy my dinner in a beautiful restaurant!" - Alon Must
Besides serving top-notch dishes to diners, the restaurant's layout is also one of the top criteria to evaluate a fine restaurant.
You'll need eye-catching Furniture to please diners, which will make them pay more for the food.
Some furniture in the Game

Getting NFT Furniture

You can own Furniture in 04 ways:
  • Trade with other players on the Marketplace, using DINE Tokens.
  • Buy directly from New Offering and receive a random Furniture, using FUSD.
  • Combine Furniture Cards together to get a random Furniture with the corresponding stats.
  • Buy some basic Furniture at the in-game "Shop", using TIP Tokens.
A Furniture piece will have 03 important stats that you need to pay attention to:
  • Beauty;
  • Expiration date; and
  • Origin.
Notes: Basic furniture sold in the in-game Shop will not have the above stats.
Customize restaurant layout

Furniture's Beauty

Each piece of Furniture will have a random beauty stat proportional to its rarity.
The Furniture displayed in the restaurant will increase the overall beauty of the restaurant. The more beautiful the restaurant, the more TIP Tokens diners will pay for their dishes.

Furniture's Expiration Date

Each piece of Furniture comes with an expiration date.
The expiry date is only calculated for the Furniture on display in the restaurant. As for the Furniture being stored in the “Warehouse”, the expiration date will not be deducted.
Furniture after the expiration date will no longer add the beauty index to the restaurant. You can then dissolve the Furniture to get random NFT Cards, or just keep it as decorations for the PvP-Decoration-Mode.

Furniture's Origin

Each piece of Furniture will come from one of the following five civilizations:
  • Asgard;
  • Olympus;
  • Shangri-La;
  • El Dorado; or
  • Camelot.
Owning as many pieces of Furniture originating from the "Land" you own will help increase the beauty of the restaurant.
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