Dine Together
"You cannot start running a restaurant without cooking!" - Garden Ramsaid
The obvious core of Dine Together’s gameplay is to cook dishes and serve diners.

Getting NFT Chef

Some of the finest Chefs in the town
First of all, you will need to own at least a Chef to join the Game. You can find the best Chefs in 03 ways:
  • Trade with other players on the “Marketplace”, using "DINE Tokens".
  • Hire Chefs directly from “New Offerings” and receive random Chefs, using FUSD (a coin issued by FactoryChain).
  • Combine Chef “Cards” together to get Chefs with the corresponding stats.
Each Chef will have their distinct recipes of dishes that they can cook, each called a “Menu”.

Chef's menu

Chefs with higher rarity will cook more dishes in their Menu, specifically as follows:
  • Apprentice Chef: 1 dish
  • Junior Chef: 2 dishes
  • Head Chef: 3 dishes
  • Master Chef: 4 dishes

Dish in the menu

The dishes will be randomly allocated from the list of many famous dishes around the world such as Sushi, Steak, Burger, Pizza, etc.
Each dish will have a different processing time as well as a different price. It will be great if your Chef can cook high value dishes.
Each dish also comes with the number of times that the Chef can cook. Once the Chef has finished cooking the allowed number of times, no more can be cooked. You can then dissolve this NFT Chef to get random NFT Chef Cards back.
Choose dish to cook

Serve dishes to diners

Diners are NPCs (non-player characters), and they will visit your restaurant in the Game.
Diners will order the dishes that you have prepared in the restaurant so you won’t need to worry about difficult diners at all.
Serve dishes to diners
Diners after enjoying the dishes will pay you “TIP Tokens”, and sometimes you can also receive NFT “Cards”, which can be used to create NFT Chefs or NFT Furniture Pieces.
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